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If you have not considered a Board Appointment or Board Seat … you should! Studies have shown that those who hold a board appointment in addition to an executive role: earn more; are more promotable; have greater job security and; are unemployed less. Further, sitting on a board can also help future proof your career, prepare for retirement, redundancy or a career change. Board appointments also help you work more effectively with your own board and facilitate new connections – useful for both business development and pleasure. A board appointment today more than ever should be part of your career plan. For these reasons becoming a Non-Executive Board Director or Independent Board Director is an increasingly common ambition – though just 5% of people hold a board appointment.

The good news is that globally at least 50% of companies with a board recruit a new Board Member every year. That means there are thousands and thousands of board roles filled annually. The bad news is that this is a highly competitive environment. If you want to get appointed,  you need to start the process early, understand how board appointments are made and know how to find opportunities via non-traditional means.

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David Schwarz leads Board Appointments and previously worked as an international board recruiter. He has been putting people on boards internationally for over 15 years and has been described as “the leading board recruitment expert”. Utilising this experience he has designed the Board Appointment Program that, regardless of your skills or experience, will get you appointed.

The 3 Key steps to a Board Appointment are simple




Whether it be your first appointment or a board career you seek to develop, the 1st step is to clearly define your board ASPIRATIONS and clearly define your targets. You must develop a compelling pitch along with supporting documents that ARTICULATE the reasons for your appointment to the boards. Finally, you need to APPLY the appropriate strategies and tactics required to get appointed via personal connections, direct approach, recruiters or advertised opportunities.

We have fine-tuned every aspect of the process and developed a comprehensive coaching program, that is proven to get results.

The Board Appointment Coaching Program is based on the framework of the 3 key steps or ‘pillars’ of any successful board appointment. The program focuses upon and drives you to take a different approach to the board appointment process. This process is proven to make you a better, more successful candidate and to speed up the time it takes for you to get appointed. With 18 individual online training modules and 3 implementation sessions, the program breaks down the process into simple to follow and manageable stages. Also included are the tools, resources and templates you need to easily implement what you learn.

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