Benefits of Being a Board Director

Why you should consider a Board Appointment

If you haven’t considered a board appointment, now more than ever, it is time you should. Studies have shown that those who hold a board appointment in addition to an executive role: earn more; are more promotable; have greater job security and; are unemployed less. Further, sitting on a board can also help future proof your career, prepare for retirement, redundancy or a career change. Board appointments also help you work more effectively with your own board and facilitate new connections – useful for both business development and pleasure. Boards do not stop appointing during challenging times, often the opposite occurs as organisations see the need to reassess or restructure.

Regardless of where you are in your career – starting out, considering retirement, wanting to future-proof your career, considering a career change, or you are an experienced executive – a board or committee appointment must be part of your career plan and professional development.

The benefit of a Board or Committee Appointment

Career Development

Regardless of remuneration, all board appointments: offer the opportunity to brand yourself as an independent director; demonstrate your strategic expertise and; the networks developed can be leveraged professionally and personally.

Additional Income

Whilst some board directors get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars the average commercial director gets $48k-$90k and because governing boards are essential to most organisations they are rarely affected by global financial downturns.

Personal Development

Giving back to an industry, sector or cause you are passionate about drives many directors. Whether in a commercial or NFP setting, sitting on a board of an organisation you are passionate about is a terrific way to utilise your skills and experience.